FAA at a Glance

FAA at a Glance

Developed by a coalition of property and business owners, the Fulton Avenue Association is a Benefit Assessment District formed to improve the commercial area of Fulton Avenue. The Management District manages a landscape and streetscape improvement plan, an economic development program, a security program, and provides marketing and promotion services. Additionally, the Association provides business interest advocacy services, above and beyond those currently provided by the County of Sacramento. This approach has been used successfully in other commercial areas throughout the country to improve business image, attract new customers and increase property values.

Location: 2.3 miles of Fulton Avenue between the Capitol City Freeway and Arden Way, with properties up the major cross streets.

Services: Landscaping and physical improvements; economic development; additional security; marketing and promotions; and advocacy to promote business interests allow the Fulton Avenue business community to speak with one clear voice.

Method of Financing: Total maximum district budget for each year of its five year operation is approximately $375,000.

Cost: Annual assessments on property shall be $.02 (2 cents) per square foot of land plus $8.50 per linear foot of street footage along Fulton Avenue per year.

County Services: The County of Sacramento has adopted a Resolution pursuant to State Law that establishes a policy of maintaining the existing level of services within the proposed District. In addition the County has agreed to match the $375,000 assessment with $375,000 worth of physical improvements along Fulton Avenue, over and above currently planned projects. All County expenditures will be subject to annual appropriation by the Board of Supervisors.

Formation: District formation required submittal of petitions from property owners representing at least 50% of the total assessment. The “Right to Vote on Taxes Act” (also known as Proposition 218) requires that more than 50% of the ballots received, weighted by assessment, be in support. FAA will need to initiate a new petition drive in early 2002.

Duration: Pursuant to State Law, the District will have a set term. The proposed District will have a five (5) year life. After that period, the petition process must be repeated for the District to remain.
Association Goals
  • Improve the Aesthetics of Fulton Avenue. Fulton Avenue business owners and property owners agree that improved streetscaping and landscaping will increase property values and business volume throughout the District. Many customers recognize a need for additional landscaping. In addition, the facade & landscape grant program has been initiated along with the graffiti removal program. The Management District’s ability to provide a clean, safe, and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for its customers and employees would affect all businesses.
  • Provide Effective Marketing and Promotions. Now a single organization will be directing the promotions and marketing for the entire District. These market-based promotions draw new visitors to the area and induce them to return for additional commercial activity. Included in this program was the development of a marketing identity, logo, and marketing materials. Additionally, two large scale promotional events will be hosted by the association yearly.
  • Establish Private Sector Control and Accountability. The services and the District are managed by the Fulton Avenue Association (FAA), a non-profit private sector business organization formed for the sole purpose of improving Fulton Avenue. Annual Management District work plans and budgets will be developed by the Board of Directors. The board is composed of stakeholders that own businesses and property on Fulton Avenue. New parking, security, maintenance, and marketing and promotion services will be subject to private sector performance standards, controls, and accountability.
  • Create Opportunities to Leverage Public Investment. The County of Sacramento has agreed to match the proposed assessment of $375,000 per year by providing capital improvements of at least $375,000 per year. This offer affords property owners an opportunity to receive $2 of benefits for every $1 raised in assessment. All County expenditures are subject to annual approval by the County Board of Supervisors.
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