• The Fulton Avenue Association plans to improve and distinguish Fulton Avenue as one of the most attractive areas in the greater Sacramento region.

The Fulton Avenue Association is a non-profit 501 c 6 organization, comprised of the property owners located on Fulton Avenue between Arden Way and the Cap City Freeway. These property owners came together in 1998 and agreed to form an organization that would be dedicated to improving the way Fulton Avenue looked and functioned. Property owners in the District area pay additional property taxes based on a standardized formula and the size of their property — each is assessed $.02 cents per square ft. and $8.50 per linear Fulton Avenue frontage. The organization has leveraged $5.2 million in private dollars to $23 million in aesthetic and infrastructure improvements. The Fulton Avenue Association is 100% committed to making change in the area for the better to benefit property and business owners, consumers, and residents of the area and the surrounding county in Sacramento.


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